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BA Is Shite


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Tuesday 1 January 2008

BAA Strike Update

UNITE (the union behind the BAA strike threat) has called off the strike planned for the 7th of January that would have shut down Britain's main airports.

Unite said that an agreement had been reached in principle over the future of the BAA pension scheme. The agreement will be discussed by union representatives on Thursday.

If the deal is not accepted by union representatives, further 48 hour strikes on January 14 and January 18 are possible.

Maybe BA, by not warning passengers about the strike threat, knew something that BAA and UNITE didn't?


  1. Please can you tell me if you are sure this is correct... Where did you get this information? I am meant to be taking a flight from Lusaka to London on the 8th of Jan in the morning, and if there are strikes on the 7th, the plane won't be leaving from heathrow on the 7th in order to get here on the 8th for me to be on it to go back to London!

    I'm quite worried.... :(

  2. The one on the 7th is off, if the media and union are to be believed

    However, the later ones may still go ahead