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BA Is Shite


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Friday 28 March 2008

Terminal 5 Fiasco

Stephen Nelson and Willie Walsh
Hearty congratulations to British Airways (BA) and British Airports Authority (BAA) for thoroughly screwing up the first day of operations of Terminal 5 Thiefrow (sorry I mean Heathrow).

Yesterday BA sent me the following message:

"Five and a half years ago the building of our new home began in our most visionary project to date. Today we opened the doors. There is no more waiting... Terminal 5 welcomes you.

At Terminal 5 everything has been streamlined and designed to make your journey through the terminal calm and relaxed. And this morning we saw all the planning fall into place.

Check-in and Security have been designed to speed you through to Departures in just 10 minutes*. And with a shopping concourse to rival London's West End, our premium flagship lounge complex, Galleries, and the state-of-the-art baggage system, you'll discover nothing has been overlooked to ensure your time at Terminal 5 is spent in a most relaxing and enjoyable way

Reality was of course somewhat different from the PR department's view of things. Chaos reigned supreme yesterday as check ins, baggage belts and lifts failed and flights were cancelled.

I understand that today is pretty shambolic too.

"Piss up", "brewery", "couldn't organise" somehow spring to mind.

Well done lads!

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