BA Is Shite

BA Is Shite


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Friday, 12 March 2010

Destroying The Brand - Strike

Unite and BA management continue to do their best to destroy the BA brand.

The BA cabin crew strike will go ahead, for three days from 20 March and for four days from 27 March.

Unite state that they will not strike over Easter. However, they warn that there may be more strikes after 14 April.

No company lasts forever, the union and management of BA would do well to remember that.

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  1. But they are striking on Easter. People want to fly before Easter to get home. I booked flights during the strike dates. I couldn't book later because they were more expensive. Do they plan it this way? It is so fascinating to me that BA cares nothing of it's image and the cabin crew does not understand they are the "face" of the airline and they are biting off the hand that feeds them. Even if I can fly on those dates, the stress is enormous with not knowing if I will fly or not. I called BA and they don't even know if my flights are canceled or not. Just, "maybe" "Probably not." "We don't know yet." I said, I have plans and a life, I have to know. Try back Monday.....

    And they are worried that they are LOSING MONEY???!!!!