BA Is Shite

BA Is Shite


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Monday, 29 March 2010

BA Strike Update - The War of Words Continues

As the long suffering passengers endure another day of the British Airways (BA) strike, the union (Unite) and management continue to pummel each other verbally.

The latest verbal bombardment in the increasingly bitter dispute between Unite and management (I get the feeling that some of the staff are not necessarily as "enthusiastic" towrds this strike as Unite, who claim to represent them) comes from Unite, who claim that BA are using the world's most expensive cabin crew.

BA have drafted in pilots to replace staff who have gone on strike.

Meanwhile BA management claim that 63% of crew rostered to work had reported for duty on Saturday, 6% more than during the previous weekend's industrial action.

BA also claim that more than 60,000 passengers were flown by BA on Saturday on 470 flights, compared with 43,000 on 350 flights last Saturday.

Unite dispute the figures.

Meanwhile, the brand value and possible the ariline itself is being destroyed day by day.

This will end badly, whoever claims final "victory".

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