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BA Is Shite


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Thursday, 2 August 2007

Missing Airmiles IV

As if by magic, BA do not provide an answer that explains why our executive club numbers have not been tracked in the system for the flights:

"Dear Mr Frost

I am sorry to learn that your flights did not track to your account. This should automatically happen when you quote your Executive Club number at the time of booking or at check-in. This is providing that the name on your Executive Club membership card and the name on your booking, match exactly.

As advised earlier, the flight(s) you are claiming for were operated by a partner airline, we are unable to update your account without copies of the boarding passes and ticket stubs from the flight(s) in question. This allows us to verify the information before crediting your account.

Contacts details for your local Executive Club Service Centre can be found at:

We always recommend you save your ticket receipts and boarding passes until the flights have been added to your account, in case of discrepancy.

Thank you for emailing us and we hope to resolve this swiftly for you.


British Airways Executive Club

Here is my answer:

"Thank you for your email.

We did book in using our correctly registered executive account numbers etc.

Therefore, re my original question, why has the system not tracked our flights?

Re you not be "able" to update our accounts, without hard copy stubs, I find that a little hard to believe.

We are pre assigned seats when boarding the aircraft, you have records to show how many people are on the flight at take off, who they are and have records to satisfy security controls that show exactly who was on a flight.

You would not be allowed to operate or to fly to Spain, the USA etc without having such security controls.

Therefore you are well capable of verifying that we were on the flights.

If you need a little help, our flight booking was featured in The Times a while ago.

Do I really have to raise this matter with Walsh simply to get my miles added, something that your system should have done in the first place?

Kind regards

Ken Frost"

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