BA Is Shite

BA Is Shite


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Tuesday, 18 May 2010

BA Strike Update - Unite Fights Back

British Airways (BA) won yesterday's High Court battle with Unite, re Unite's breaching of union legalisation by informing members of the result of the strike ballot via Twitter in insufficient detail.

As sure as eggs are eggs, the union described the result as an "absolute disgrace" and beat their chests about "democracy being undermined" etc.

Maybe, as this is the second time that they have made legal blunders wrt they strike ballots, they might take a little more care in future and not be so dismissive of the law?

Maybe their members may also begin to question the "professionalism" of the union allegedly looking after their interests?

That being said, Unite will this morning appeal the decision. I thought that they were contemptuous of our legal system, funny that they seek now to use it in their favour.

Meanwhile, as ever, it is the long suffering customers of BA who end up suffering. Monday's court decision came too late for BA to reinstate their normal schedule; only 90% of long-haul flights and 50% of short-haul are operating normally from Heathrow.

My advice to both the management and the union is simple, and consistent, your customers have lost patience with you. There is absolutely no point in booking a flight with BA if there is a chance that it will be cancelled because of an ongoing dispute.

Resolve this nonsense now, or BA will cease to exist; and their will be no jobs, or indeed union contributions, for the members of Unite to live off.

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