BA Is Shite

BA Is Shite


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Sunday 6 April 2008

"Normal" Service II

I see that "normal" service at Heathrow Terminal 5 in fact means further lost baggage and cancelled flights.

Will this terminal ever work as we were told it would?

Willie Walsh has said "Blame me"; fair enough, but as yet he refuses to resign.

Given that the problems are persisting and that the fault for this lies full square at the feet of BA, which tried to save money by not training enough baggage operatives, why has Walsh not been forced to resign?

Jim McAuslan, general secretary of the British Airline Pilots’ Association (Balpa), is quoted in The Times:

"Banks, institutional investors and analysts need to wake up to the fact that there is something very wrong right at the heart of this company that is making our great brand a laughing stock . . . we want confidence in our leadership, not arrogance."

Balpa will urge top shareholders this week to force a change in management, in the wake of the Terminal Five fiasco.

Were that to succeed, we can be sure that Walsh et al will receive some very handsome payoffs.

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