BA Is Shite

BA Is Shite


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Wednesday, 29 July 2009

BA Scraps Short Haul Meals

The BBC reports that British Airways is to scrap all free meals, except breakfast, on its short-haul flights to save £22M a year.

Passengers on flights after 10am, which last less than two-and-half hours, will only be served drinks and snacks. They will not have the option to buy food.

A BA spokesman claimed that:

"When you fly with British Airways, the in-flight catering is top-class."


I draw BA's attention to my experiences with their "top-class" catering, as outlined on this site in earlier articles and on my Restaurant Review site as well.

As ever, when a company runs into financial difficulties, it is the customer who suffers.

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  1. I just came across your blogs by chance and thought I'd chip in my tuppenceworth on BA.

    I never fly BA unless I have no alternative.

    I lived many of my passenger years in Scotland. They royally screwed our wallets on longhaul. I used to meet all my opposite numbers within my organisation, twice a year once in the Northern Hemisphere and the South.

    Invariably all my European oppos who flew with BA had cheaper tickets no matter how long they had to fly to reach the Heathrow longhaul flight ( N American connectors excepted). Some upgraded to business class at only slight more than we paid from Edinburgh. We twigged that and flew forever more via Amsterdam and avoiding Thiefrow was another advantage, as was the air miles KLM gave as opposed to BA which was next to nothing.

    I nearly missed my Mother's funeral in Glasgow because I was refused the ticket at Toulouse Airport I thought I had bought over the telephone from BA's centre, actually in Glasgow!

    They said they had no recoprd of my purchase and showed me their passenger manifest with no me there. I kept calm, I still don't know how, spoke only in French to them and bought a new ticket at the price I told them I had been charged over the telephone. I dare not think what I would have happened had I lost it and not spoke French.

    Their letter to me following my detailed one to them was complete nonsense and didn't address the facts. Their offer of a free flight has never been redeemed nor have I never flown with them again except and only except if I had no alternative.

    If BA go down the pan, too bad and I for one will not shed a tear.

    Too big, too arrogant, with management of MBAs and others who have never served at the coal face.

    Hell slap it into them.

    Sorry for the PBI though.