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BA Is Shite


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Saturday, 1 September 2007

The Flight to Beijing

I took my flight from London to Beijing today, regrettably many of the issues that I had raised before with Britsh Airways had not been addressed:
  • The "passenger infrastructure" on the plane was worn and dated. Seat 2F near to my seat needed two crew members to physically perform a mid air repair, in order for the head rest section to work.

  • The menu offered soup, yet none was actually available. Why? Seemingly the soup was never delivered to the plane, as it could not get through security in time! This is more than a little odd, as the plane was 30 minutes late for boarding.

  • Again, despite telling BA before about this, there was no chutney onboard for the curry. I made do with marmalade.

  • The cabin temperature was too cold.

  • The crew were helpful and courteous. However, those that I spoke to confessed that they were fed up with having to apologise to customers for the failures of the company to meet the expectations of the customers.

  • I understand that the much lauded "roll out" of the new cabins and in flight entertainment systems has hit a snag. Seemingly there is one British Airways plane crossing the Atlantic that has an in flight entertainment system that does not work. That must make an "amusing" six hours for the hapless customers onboard that particular flight!

  • The inflight entertainment system was good 15 years ago, but now looks dated and well past its prime. The roll out of the new system needs to be completed with haste.
BA need to understand that the customers, and indeed the staff, are fed up with the ongoing quality issues.

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  1. i recently flew back from chicago to manchester with american airlines - a night flight lasting 8 hours - and that had no inflight entertainment system either.

    also, half the overhead lights didn't work, which during a night flight makes for a very dark cabin indeed...

    no films, no tv, no radio channels, and you couldnt even see to read a book.

    what fun.