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BA Is Shite


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Thursday 27 September 2007

Missing Airmiles X

I looked into my BA Executive Club account today, and guess what?

Yes, that's right, our missing airmiles from our trip to Barcelona in July have finally been credited to our account. The countless emails to BA Executive Club finally paid off.

Funny though that BA Executive Club never wrote back to tell me that the miles had been credited?

Equally strange that they have never answered the question that I repeated several times.

Namely that, in this age of security alerts etc, there is no way that an airline does not keep records of their passengers and cannot identify who flew on a particular flight. Therefore why did BA Executive Club claim that they needed proof that we were on their flight before they would credit our miles, even though our Executive Club card numbers were registered with the flight when we booked it and when we checked in?

I guess I will never know the answer to that one!

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