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BA Is Shite


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Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Storm Clouds Ahead

Personnel Today reports that British Airways' (BA) new human resources director, Tony McCarthy, has been warned that he will face "long-term problems" if he cannot find a solution to the dispute over the airline's plans for a subsidiary, Open Skies, in mainland Europe.

The British Air Line Pilots Association (Balpa) are to ballot of its members this week, on whether to hold strikes over the plan.

The pilots do not like the BA proposal to have a separate pool of pilots for Open Skies.

A Balpa spokesman told Personnel Today:

"We very much hope we can get an agreement on this, but if we cannot then it is going to be a long-term problem for the company - in particular for its HR team."

The informal conversations that I held with various members of staff, on the long haul flights I took between London/Beijing this year (eg see letter sent to Willie Walsh), indicate that there is a very high degree of dissatisfaction amongst the staff with BA.

There are storm clouds ahead.

It will be in the interests of everyone (staff, customers and BA) that BA find a way to fly around them.

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