BA Is Shite

BA Is Shite


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Tuesday 18 March 2008

BA's Ghost Flights

British Airways has been flying empty planes (ghost flights) again. This time it flew three ghost flights at total distance of 15,000 miles, with no passengers on board, in little over a week.

The Telegraph reports that it flew empty 747-400s to Hong Kong and Bombay, with no one but the crews on board.

"Last Sunday, it flew one of the 300-plus seater jets 6,000 miles to Hong Kong, burning around 140 tons of fuel and emitting 329 tons of carbon dioxide. Passengers hoping to board the plane at Heathrow were told there were not enough crew available and took a later flight.

Yesterday, the airline continued with a flight to Bombay - and the return leg - despite there being no passengers on either sector.

The two flights clocked up 9,000 miles, burnt 200 tons of fuel and released 486 tons of carbon dioxide

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