BA Is Shite

BA Is Shite


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Monday 17 May 2010

BA Strike Update - Guerrilla Campaign

British Airways (BA) is making a last ditch attempt to avert strike action by cabin crew this week, by going to the High Court to claim that a message sent to Unite members on Twitter outlining the result of the ballot was unlawful; because it failed to meet a legal requirement to provide everyone who took part with a full breakdown of results. Specifically how many votes were cast, how many voted for industrial action, how many voted against and the number of spoiled papers.

Meanwhile Duncan Holley, a branch secretary of the British Airline Stewards and Stewardesses Association (Bassa), which is part of Unite, has told the media that if no agreement is reached, the union could switch to a "guerrilla campaign" designed to sow confusion among customers for up to a year.

Are these people farking mad?

Do they not understand that this ongoing dispute will destroy the brand once and for all, and put them all out of work?

To add to BA's problems, the volcano is acting up again!

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