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BA Is Shite


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Wednesday, 12 May 2010

BA Strike Update - No Winners

The Independent concludes that however the ongoing BA dispute is resolved (if at all) there could be no winners at all.

I would venture to say that there WILL be no winners.

Whether or not the company and union can afford, financially, to dig their respective heels in for a protracted dispute is immaterial. The damage being done to the brand of the company, and by definition the reputations of those who work for it, is incalculable.

Rival airlines have already launched advertising campaigns attacking British Airways (BA), urging travellers not to book with the carrier while the threat of strikes loom.

EasyJet's advert asks "Why risk BA?", and offers free speedy boarding for BA Gold Card customers on strike days.


"We still have half a million seats available for travel over the planned BA strike days, but seats sell out quickly so book now."

Lufthansa owned carrier bmi has launched a campaign showing a departures board, with customers for a list of fictional BA flights such as "BA147A" advised to "Go home".


"As the fresh strike looms, the choice is clear: risk staying put or fly with bmi."

BMI will also offer BA Gold and Silver Executive Club members access to bmi lounges.

My advice to the unions and management of BA is simple:

Get real!

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