BA Is Shite

BA Is Shite


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Sunday 4 May 2008

BA Truly is Shite

Welcome to customer care, BA style!

Here I am at Arlanda airport, Stockholm, allegedly waiting for my 18:40 flight to London Thiefrow T5.

I have arrived and checked in, at the correct time, yet there is one small fly in my oinkment...BA (the alleged "world's favourite airline") is not ready for me.

Seemingly, for reasons that I am not privileged to learn, the plane is not ready for the departure (to remind you, this departure is scheduled for 18:40).

What time will it depart?

A mere 1 hours 20 minutes 20:00, or there they say!

You will of course recall that my flight to Stockholm was late as a mere 70 minutes!

Does this represent quality service?


No, it does not!

Do I recommend that people fly BA?

Of course I don't!

As I have said before:

For all the good that Walsh and his failed sycophantic board have done for "customer care", it is better that they have done nothing at all.

My advice to Walsh, and the board, is simple:

In the name of God...go now!

The board is not fit to run a whore house, let alone an airline.

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