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BA Is Shite


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Wednesday 30 April 2008

Live From Five Epilogue

I see my little journey is featured in The Times.

I am pleased to say that BA managed to get both myself and my baggage to my destination at the same time. I am thankful for small mercies.

However, the plane took off 70 minutes late.

The hapless passengers had to stand in the enclosed "gang plank" waiting to board the plane for around 7 minutes. Quite why we were checked through the gate, if the plane wasn't ready for boarding, is not clear.

On taking a walk around T5, and waiting at the gate to board, two thoughts occured to me about the design of T5:

1 The acoustics are lousy, the announcements made by our "gatekeepers" were inaudible, even though I was only a few feet away.

2 The lack of passengers in T5, that I commented on yesterday, is not just due to people taking their business elsewhere but the fact that long haul flights are currently not using T5. When they are phased in, I doubt that the T5 "shopping mall" (it isn't really an airport) will be a very pleasant place to use.

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