BA Is Shite

BA Is Shite


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Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Traveller's Tale

My thanks to CH, who sent me this tale of woe relating to his experience of flying BA via Terminal 5.

Based on this, and the countless other tales in the media, my personal advice to Walsh:

"For all the good that you have done, it would have been better that you had done nothing at all.

In the name of God,


CH's tale:

"Just another story about BA and lost luggage.

We were at a 5 day conference in Miami last week and many of the participants had their luggage mislaid by BA in the T5 disaster. Some people were on transfer flights from Africa so they had no chance of luggage.

Despite assurances that they could 'buy what they needed' some of the people on the conference have now been told that they can only claim £35 for essentials!

They had resorted to having their clothes, the only sets they had, cleaned by the hotel overnight, sometimes they were reduced to drying things with a hairdryer in the morning. I wonder if they will get the cost of the cleaning back?

They had telephone calls to say the luggage had arrived in Miami and two of the girls were so desperate that they even took a trip out to Miami airport, of course they didn't find any luggage. The tracking system was a joke, even with a tracking number they had no chance of finding where their luggage was. Having returned home they still don't know where, or when, they might see their luggage.

These were at least 30 business class customers, with a large multinational company which has BA as it's preferred supplier. I wonder how long this arrangement will last for.

PS I elected to fly with Virgin.... like you I think BA is shite

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