BA Is Shite

BA Is Shite


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Thursday 3 April 2008

For Whom The Bell Tolls

Willie Walsh, the chief executive of British Airways, came under mounting pressure from staff and the City yesterday as he tries to extricate the airline from the chaos surrounding the botched opening of Heathrow's Terminal 5.

The union representing 3,000 British Airways pilots is seeking to oust Mr Walsh, the public face of BA, by blaming him directly for mismanaging the opening of the terminal.

The British Air Line Pilots' Association (Balpa) is preparing a statement condemning Mr Walsh and calling for better leadership of BA as it faces the twin challenges of moving to a new terminal and greater competition on its lucrative transatlantic routes.

Source The Times

The staff that I have spoken to when I have flown BA long haul have not had a good word to say for the management of BA, and were ashamed of the decline of the airline. The most notable criticism being that Walsh rarely, if at all, flies BA to talk to passengers and crew; ie management live in an ivory tower.

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