BA Is Shite

BA Is Shite


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Monday 21 April 2008

Free Airmiles

BA have launched a great new airmiles giveaway programme, where lucky travellers have the chance to win thousands of free airmiles.

Is there a catch?


You have to have flown with BA via Terminal 5, not exactly a pleasant prospect in itself, and have suffered some form of inconvenience (eg loss of baggage).

The Daily Mail reports that some customers have been given an extra 10,000 BA Miles for relatively minor complaints, such as being denied an aisle seat.

The Daily Mail quotes an email from BA Customer Relations:

"We have had a high number of letters from our customers recently and we are concerned that we are keeping our customers waiting for a response."

It is reported that even Willie Walsh, who never responds personally to customer complaints, has set aside time to "personally review a significant number of customer letters and emails. Improvements happen as a result".

Needless to say, no matter how many millions of miles BA giveaway, if they can't sort out T5 they will have no customers left.

The good news for BA is that I will be testing out T5 next week, and look forward to blogging live from the terminal.

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