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BA Is Shite


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Wednesday 13 February 2008


Those of you who, like me, thought that when I was called to board the 16:30 flight to Stockholm yesterday that my troubles were over could not have been more wrong.

My, and my fellow travellers', troubles were only just beginning.

We duly assembled at gate 43, on time and ready to board the plane. Unfortunately, BA was not quite so ready for the passengers.

After some delay, passengers sitting in the back of the plane were called to board first. Having gotten them on board, there was a further delay.

I and my fellow passengers, yet to board, knew the problem.

BA had of course oversold the flight.

Well done BA!

The harassed looking "gatekeepers" asked if anyone was prepared to give up their seat for a paltry 150 Euros, they needed two people to volunteer.

No one seemed very keen, and a further delay occurred as BA played its version of a "Columbian stand off".

I entertained myself by discussing this latest cock up with my fellow passengers, they now all know about this site and will be visiting it; they all had been booked on the cancelled 14:15, and were not best pleased to be still standing at the boarding gate at 16:55.

As we all agreed, if there was going to be this sort of delay why did the flight status board not show it?

Another rather obvious question is why did BA oversell the flight, and put their customers to such inconvenience?

BA Customer RelationsGiven that I had nothing better to do, I rang BA Customer Relations at 17:00.

Guess what?

They close at 17:00; there was no one there to talk to.

Great customer care BA, well done!

After further delays, and appeals for people not to board, we finally took our seats at 17:20.

Now here's the rather odd thing, guess who was sitting in the seat directly in front of me?

Yes, that's right, a BA employee.

Why was BA looking to find two paying passengers to give up their seats, when there was at least one BA employee on board taking up much needed room?

Do you think that our troubles were over?

Don't be ridiculous!

BA, through their own fault, having delayed the boarding of the 16:30 to 17:20 had of course lost their take off slot.

We finally took off at 18:30, two hours late! This of course ignores the fact that I was meant to have taken off at 14:15!

Doubtless BA will try to blame BAA. However, a large part of this is clearly down to BA.

I will of course be writing to Willie Walsh about this, he is already well aware of this site. However, unlike other CEOs of major plcs, he does not answer customer letters. Therefore I do not expect any response.

Customer care the BA way!

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