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BA Is Shite


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Tuesday, 12 February 2008

The VIPs - BA Style

Those of you with a penchant for classic films may well recall that fine film from the early 1960's starring Richard Burton, Liz Taylor, Margaret Rutherford etc.

It followed the lives, over a period of 24 hours, of a group of disparate travellers stranded at Heathrow in the fog.

Forty years on, here I am stranded at Heathrow in the BA lounge.

I was planning to catch the 14:15 to Stockholm, but was helpfully texted by BA at 11:45 this morning telling me that my flight was cancelled.

Pity I was en route at the time!

I duly called BA, and some 15 mins later (having listened to countless adverts for online check in, carbon offset and other assorted junk) I was finally able to speak to a human being.

Seemingly fog, of which there is very little, has caused disruption to my flight and the flights of a few others.

I rebooked myself onto the 16:30, and duly checked in at the airport.

Check in went without incident, aside from the fact that I was told that I was 2 hours too early to check in my bag. Given that this was not down to any fault on my part, it was agreed that a special dispensation would be granted and that the check in guy would do all he could to get my bag checked in.

On arrival at the lounge, the BA check in lady told me that I could come in but that I should keep my eye on the announcements.

It seems that they are not confident that they will launch the 16:30 either.

I still remain bemused, as the weather is clear and bright.

Where the fark is the fog?

I will post updates during the day.

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